Person putting on blanket
Pioneering Equine Blankets
Horse blankets and hair growth
Ask A Pro: 10 Tail Grooming Tips with Julie Goodnight
Bay arabian horse stands in the middle of summer field with the
4-step, no-wash equine tail makeover 
Horse scratching his back on a wooden fence. Mud and dirt visible on horse's back.
Why do horses rub their tails?
COVER EQ_EXTRA-VOL63 Grooming_fnl_Page_01
Easy but effective grooming
A wet pony standing in a muddy field
Clearing up chronic rainrot
horse scratching
Equine Skin SOS! The Itches and Bumps of Summer
Rear view of a white pastern with scabs on it
What *not* to do for scratches
bottle, basket, brush
Dollar Store Finds: For Grooming Your Horse
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Close up of a person's hand on a horse's withers.
Detecting back pain in horses
Woman sitting in her wheelchair, stroking a horse in open field with sunset light.
PATH Intl. receives multi-year grant to fund leadership programs
White horse eye
Oklahoma Quarter Horse positive for EHM
How to identify 8 common equine skin diseases


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