Breed Profile – Haflinger

The Haflinger is best known for its distinctive coloring. Its many other qualities make it a versatile pony, in harness and under saddle.

Origins The strikingly attractive Haflinger hails from the Tyrolean mountains on the border of Austria and northern Italy and can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The area is extremely rugged and many villages could only be reached by means of steep, narrow mountain paths. Villagers required surefooted animals for their daily transportation and packing in the mountain terrain.

Present day Haflingers trace their roots, through seven stallion lines, back to foundation stallion Folie, who was foaled in 1874.

The coming of World War II brought a need for pack horses and during that time Haflingers took on a shorter, but draftier stature.

Since World War II, the Haflinger has regained its refinement and is also taller than those horses bred during the war, but still a small horse.

Appearance The most notable characteristic of the Haflinger is its striking coat color – a golden chestnut color with a white, or “flaxen,” mane and tail.

The Haflinger qualifies as a pony, standing just under 14 hands. It is sturdily built, with short. well-boned legs and “feathering” at the fetlocks.

Haflingers are known for their willing but docile temperament, and their uncomplicated nature.

Uses Today, the Haflinger can be found in all corners of the world. It is used as a pack horse and for draft work. Teams of matching Haflingers are popular in combined driving competition and it’s versatile enough to do well under saddle also. Haflingers can be found participating in endurance competitions, as well as dressage, show jumping, trekking and their size and calm nature make them a perfect fit for therapeutic riding programs.

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