4 ways to make your property farrier friendly

Take these commonsense measures to establish a safe and comfortable workspace for your farrier.

Every professional needs a functional workspace, and while you may not think of your property that way, your farrier probably does. Keep your hoof-care professional happy and safe by making sure he can do his work in a safe and comfortable environment:

Provide a safe and comfortable environment will enable your farrier to focus on his work. (Getty Images)

1. Provide level, dry footing. You don’t need an aisle of expensive rubber pavers. A simple stall mat on a dirt floor, or even a clean patch of mown grass is fine. Make sure the area where your farrier will be working is free of puddles, uneven ground and holes.

2. Offer protection from the elements. Whether it’s a stand of trees, a run-in shed or a barn roof, shelter from the sun and/or weather will make your farrier’s job easier and the horse more likely to cooperate. That means shade on hot summer days and a windbreak in cold and blustery weather.

3. Declutter the area. Clear the farrier’s designated space of tools, buckets, hay bales and other debris that could hamper movement or distract the horse. Not only is decluttering a safety measure, but your farrier will need that space to set up his own tools.

4. Make sure there’s plenty of light. A farrier needs to see a hoof clearly to trim and shoe it well. If your barn doesn’t have ample overhead lighting, consider bringing in portable lighting suitable for outdoor environments, like the type used on construction sites. Ask your farrier the best place to set the lights to minimize shadows.




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