Foiling Flies: How Much Do You Know?

Here’s a fun quiz to test your knowledge of equine pest management.

When winged insects start descending on your horse, you’ll be grateful to have a fly control program in place. Test your knowledge of equine pest management and see how you score! 

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UltraShield is ideal for the most challenging conditions when flies are involved.

In the battle against bugs, you’re only as good as your weapons. A tried-and-true tool is the fly spray in the black bottle: Absorbine UltraShield EX Insecticide & Repellent, an advanced fly spray for horses that kills and repels more than 70 species of biting and nuisance flies, mosquitoes, ticks and gnats; contains multiple sunscreens and coat conditioners; and is weatherproof for up to 17 days, thanks to UltraBond™ technology. Bonus: It can even be used as a premise spray. 

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