W.F. Young


Supporting Equine Mobility: What’s in Your Nutraceutical?

Chronic pain, stiffness and inflammation—especially in the joints—are common challenges in working horses. Alternative supplements with potent natural ingredients can help restore healthy movement without the drawbacks of traditional drugs.


Foiling Flies: How Much Do You Know?

When winged insects start descending on your horse, you’ll be grateful to have a fly control program in place. Here’s a fun quiz to test your knowledge of equine pest management.

W.F. Young

Bubble-Wrap or Cotton Wool? When That ‘Special’ Horse Gets Hurt—Again

How to fix the equine that’s always getting into fixes? Here are some suggestions. There’s one in every barn: the equine that’s always getting into the most astonishing predicaments, despite all your precautions—and emerging black and blue (don't you wish you owned a bubble wrap blanket)?