What time is it? What day is it? Regardless of when or where you read this blog, thousands of people are hard at work right now. Their chosen job: helping horses heal. Helping horses excel. Helping prevent injury and disease. And helping horses who haven’t even been born yet.

Watch this Horse Health Headlines blog for regular updates as we explore and track the work of key researchers, surgeons, nurses, therapists, farriers, technicians, nutritionists, and veterinary researchers. You will go inside hospitals and meet the people and the horses. You will learn how different universities conduct their research, and track their results.

I’ll be your guide. I will post my reports from veterinary colleges, equine clinics and research centers around the world. I promise to put names to faces and, whenever possible, add images and media to increase your online experience within the EquiSearch.com news system. And I’ll be learning just as you wll be.

Post your comments (use the “comments” button) and let’s have a dialogue. Whenever possible, I will bring key experts in for first-hand responses to your comments.

Horsepeople, tell your friends, and bring them into the community. Educators, use this blog as a resource for your equine science students and a jumpstart for classroom discussions. Students, keep an eye on the world you may be entering after you earn your degree.

Now, let’s find out what’s new in equine health and research!

–Fran Jurga, Blog Editor




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