WARNING: FDA Recalls Certain Wormer Pellets in Missouri and Arizona

Here is the text of a warning published by the US Food and Drug Administration in their Enforcement Report for this week:

PRODUCT Horse and Colt Wormer packaged in 16-oz. containers under 5 private labels, containing 1.25% pyrantel tartrate (equivalent to 5.671 grams per pound), NADA 092-150. The products were marketed under the following brand names:

(1) Kaeco Equine Wormer Pellet for Horses and Colts;

(2) Manna Pro Foal & Horse Pelleted Wormer;

(3) Durvet Horse & Colt Wormer, NDC 30796-490-31;

(4) Farnam Pellet Care P Equine Wormer Pellet;

(5) Sportsman’s Friend Colt and Horse Wormer.

Recall # V-234-2009CODEAll lot numbersRECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURERRecalling Firm: Virbac AH, Inc, Fort Worth, TX, by e-mail on March 9, 2009 and by letters on April 29, 2009.Manufacturer: Virbac, Inc, Bridgeton, MO. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.REASONStability failures (subpotent)VOLUME OF PRODUCT IN COMMERCE237,708/1-lb. cansDISTRIBUTIONMissouri, Arizona

While the reason given for the recall is “stability” or that the wormer is not fully potent, it is still not a good idea to use it and the manufacturer would like to know that as many of the sold items are accounted for as possible. They are legally bound to comply with the FDA recall terms.

The FDA Enforcement Report is published weekly by the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services. It contains information on actions taken in connection with agency Regulatory activities.




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