Totilas and Paul Schockemohle: First Photo from Germany

Julia Wentscher took the first photo of World Champion dressage star Totilas in his new home in Muhlen, Germany with his new owner, international horseman and breeder Paul Schockemohle. Totilas led The Netherlands to a team gold medal at the recent World Equestrian Games, and then won two individual gold medals with rider Edward Gal.

Plans for Totilas’ future in competition have not been announced. Paul Schockemohle had done some spectacular exhibitions of his stallions in the past, especially with Sandro Hit, so it is probably safe to say that Totilas will not completely disappear from view. But who would ride him, and if he would be ridden in competition again, is the question on everyone’s mind.

Americans fell in love with Totilas when they saw him in the flesh at the World Equestrian Games. But what his American fans feel for him is nothing compared to the fever he has ignited in Europe, where horse sports aren’t as passively enjoyed as they are in the USA.

Just ask Mattias Rath. The young dressage star returned home from WEG to find himself in the midst of an Internet flare-up. His website erupted with hate mail when reports in the media suggested that he was in consideration as Totilas’ rider.

Paul Schockemohle has not made a statement about who he is actually considering to ride Totilas or if the horse would be ridden strictly in exhibition or in competition.

This photo is ? Julia Wentscher and is for use on The Jurga Report.

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