Pickens Plan Picks Up Momentum: BLM Talks About Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuaries

Texas animal advocate Madeleine Pickens announced on Friday that she had met with representatives of the Bureau of Land Management, including Bureau Director Bob Abbey, in Sacramento, California recently before traveling to Washington, DC for further talks with Congressman Jim Moran (Democrat, Virginia), an active voice for wild horses in the House of Representatives.

Pickens indicated that the BLM has given approval to her plan for a wild horse sanctuary to replace the holding pens in the western states, where as many as 30,000 mustangs may be warehoused.

While Pickens sounds exuberant on her video, she does close with a cautionary warning to her followers that the process may be long and that the plan will evolve. She also changes possessive pronouns a few times, between “our” and “their”, making the role of the US government somewhat vague in the pilot program and the final sanctuary or sanctuaries.

However, it is a good omen to begin the week with such positive news so please share this news with anyone you know who cares about wild horses. Let’s hope it can succeed and become a sustainable solution for these horses and this bitter problem.

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