O Loves Z: Thoroughbred Racing Champion Zenyatta Named to Oprah Winfrey’s List of Women Who Claim Their Power (But How Many of Them Do the Head Bob Thing and Wiggle Their Big Floppy Ears?)

Have you checked your local newsstand lately? One of our friends made it into Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine this month. That’s not an easy thing to do.

She’s not a psychologist or a novelist or a politician or a survivor or a victim. She’s a horse. But, ah, what a horse. And she finally caught the eye of Oprah, who knows the real deal when she sees it.

So when Oprah and her editorial staff were working on the October issue, Zenyatta fit the theme. And the theme is “POWER!”

Oprah chose 20 women from around the world whose personification of the word “power” varied greatly but all of whom could inspire her readers and followers with their unique self-expressions of individuality and perseverance.

And, as always, last on the list, was Zenyatta, galloping along behind the pack with her ears flopping, until writer Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabiscuitand consulting editor toEQUUS Magazine, listed five ways in which Zenyatta is unique among horses, and a leader on and off the track. That ought to make Zenyatta prick up her ears.

Zenyatta has, according to Oprah, the power of heart.

It just makes me want to shout, “Look out!” to designer Vera Wang and news anchor Diane Sawyer, who are directly above Zenyatta on the list. They’ll be left in the dust when the come-from-behind wonder horse starts to make her move.

She might just start to bob that head and wiggle those ears and then just take off! Watch this Rascal Flatts music video featuring some of Zenyatta’s California fans at Del Mar one day this summer if you want to learn how she does it!

Zenyatta just never ceases to entertain us, even when she’s not even really in the video!

If you’ve never heard that song before or have no idea who Rascal Flatts is (are?), CMT will fill you in. The song is a bit of an anthem.

Zenyatta will be very much in the picture on Saturday, October 2 when she runs in the 1 1/16 mile Lady’s Secret over Hollywood Park‘s Cushion Track surface, which is Zenyatta’s home track. This race will be Zenyatta’s prep for the November 6th Breeders Cup, when she is expected to attempt a second win of the 1 1/4 mile Breeders Cup Classic against males three and older at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky on November 6.

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