Northern Spy Injured and Out: Karen O’Connor and Mandiba Will Compete in Hong Kong


Heidi White Carty and Northern Spy, who was injured in quarantine today in England. Augusta Chronicle photo.

Max Corcoran is reporting over on her Equisearch blog that Heidi White Carty’s lovely Northern Spy has been injured during a gallop in quarantine and will not compete in the eventing at Hong Kong’s Olympic Equestrian Events next month. Max is also at the quarantine station in England, in preparation for departure to Hong Kong.

I am not sure of the exact injury, but it does not sound like it is life-threatening…just Olympics-nixing. I am sure an official report will be coming from USEF.

Multiple medal winner Karen O’Connor of Virginia will take Heidi’s place; Karen’s Mandiba will stride into the arena for Northern Spy.

Heidi and Northern Spy live and train in Aiken, South Carolina.

How tragic for Heidi, and what a disappointment. Northern Spy, by the way, was probably named for the type of winter apple grown around New England. They make great cider. This horse has been around so long that when I see the apples at the farmers market, or hear someone speak of them, I think immediately of that horse rather than an apple!

Karen O’Connor will surely rise to the occasion and is ready to ride!

IMG_1923, Karen O’Connor on Mandiba, originally uploaded by kaywillmarth.

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