Hong Kong Retrains Track Thoroughbreds for Equestrian Pursuits

Olympic horses find new lease on lifeUploaded by scmp888

Thoroughbred racing in Hong Kong is an obsession and, on closer examination, there are many aspects of how it operates that could be instructional or even inspirational to American racing.

One aspect that was recently brought to my attention is Hong Kong’s retraining program for suitable retiring Thoroughbred race horses.

By the way, the number of Thoroughbreds competing in the Olympics this year is impressive. Those who said that the transition of eventing from the long to short format would be the end of Thoroughbreds in the sport weren’t counting on the Olympics being held in hot, steamy Hong Kong. I’m not sure that body type was part of the criteria for team selection in any of the disciplines, but Thoroughbreds are filling those planes headed to Hong Kong from around the world!

Thanks to the South China Morning Post for this video.

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