Horse Owner Education: University Lecture Dates to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions

University equine extension and veterinary school schedules are calling you! It’s January, and if your New Year’s resolutions included getting updated on horse owner information, you are definitely in luck this month.

The Jurga Report has collected a sampling of horse owner events from universities around the country. Let’s all start the year off on the right hoof–see you in class!

The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University tops the list, and I plan to be in the front row. Dr Carl Kirker-Head is the first speaker in Tufts’ 2011 Equine Health Lecture Series and he launches with a terrific topic: “Repetitive Motion Injuries: Novel and Practical Methods of Protecting the Limb”. The lecture begins at 7 p.m. In case of bad weather, check the Vet School CE web page. If the school is open, the lecture is on.

January 9-10 Colorado State University’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory’s famous short course offers horsemen an instant immersion in horse breeding. The first two days cover Foaling and Care of the Newborn Foal.

January 12-15 Colorado State University’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory’s short course continues as it hosts modules in Reproductive Management and Artificial Insemination course, followed by Techniques for Handling and Utilizing Cooled Semen on January 16 and Techniques for Handling and Utilizing Frozen Equine Semen on Janary 17.

January 11 Dr. Nat White, the Jean Ellen Shehan Professor and Director of the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg, Virginia will host an evening lecture in the library at the hospital beginning at 7:00 p.m. Dr. White’s lecture will be on “The Curse of Foot Lameness”. Seating is by reservation only, call Amy Troppmann at 703 771 6843. UPDATE: This lecture was canceled because of a snowstorm; it has been rescheduled for March 22.

Florida horseowners can check in with the University of Florida’s Equine Veterinary Extension Service; Dr. Amanda House’s program will provide a free lecture at 7 p.m. on “Equine Vaccination Guidelines” in the Equine Auditorium at the UF Large Animal Hospital.

January 15-16 The Michigan State University‘s annual January Horseman’s Clinic combines winter horse shows and education. You can learn how to judge a halter class, attend a full day dressage seminar, watch a polo match, and visit with vendors, all in the huge MSU Livestock Pavilion.

January 20? The University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center has invited Dr. Ray Geor of Michigan State University to speak on laminitis. This special lecture will be held in the Visitor Center South Theater at the Kentucky Horse Park at 4:00 p.m.

January 20, it’s back to the Tufts Equine Health Lecture Series again. Dr Jose Garcia-Lopez will speak on “Diagnosis and Management of Conditions Affecting the Navicular Bursa” at 7 p.m. In case of bad weather, check the Vet School CE web page.

January 29 The University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine hosts a free one-day seminar each winter in memory of its longtime farrier. The 2011 Charles Heumphreus Memorial Lecture is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and will host Michael Ross DVM DACVS and Patrick Reilly, farrier, both from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. They will speak on “Hoof Management in Sport Horses” in Room 170, the Schalm Lecture Hall in the Health Sciences District of the UC Davis campus. Following morning lectures, an afternoon of demonstrations will follow.

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