CNN's Horse Videos: Mustang Roundups on One Show, Horsemeat on Another, Prove the New Year Has the Same Tough Issues


Fasten your seat belt for a highly-charged week of horse politics. Just as CNN launches a week of daily reports on the sticky state of wild horses in the western United States, pro-slaughter groups and individuals, including US government officials, have convened The Summit of the Horse in Las Vegas to talk about bringing humane slaughter back to the United States--discussions may include the future slaughter of wild horses, according to CNN.

CNN has the wild horse roundups on their morning show, and a preview of the Summit at lunch--including a poll on whether Americans would eat horse meat, with some surprising results.

Perfect timing, as the new US Congress takes their oaths in Washington DC. It may be a new year, but the old issues are unresolved. Kudos to CNN for covering these issues.

Here is one video from the CNN wild horse series; CNN's embedding systems prevent showing the entire series but you can find them online if you hunt.

{C N N W I L D H O R S E S E R I E S }

New year, old battles. Sigh.

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