Equine Sports Medicine Center Slated for Ocala, Florida

(This information is extracted from a press release)

Ocala, Florida, January 19, 2007 – Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center (KESMARC) and Main Street Management Services, Inc. (Main Street) today announced the formation of a joint venture to build a world-class equine sports medicine facility in Ocala, Florida. The new center will be an integral part of the re-development of the 426-acre Farnsworth Farm into an equestrian community. Groundbreaking is scheduled for second quarter of 2007 with targeted completion by the beginning of 2008.

Dedicated to the recovery and conditioning of horses from all disciplines, KESMARC-Florida will offer complete rehabilitation, including:- Post-surgical through return-to-training- Conditioning after lay-off- Pre-conditioning prior to training/competing.

“With KESMARC-Florida, we have the opportunity to utilize decades of combined equine experience to design and establish the most professional rehabilitation center for horses world-wide,” stated Shelena Hoberg, CHT, EqcTPM.

KESMARC-Florida, will feature a world class hyperbaric (oxygen) center which will be second to none, as well as:- Equine swimming pool- Two eurocisers- Waterciser- Aqua treadmill- Indoor polytrack- 20-stall climate-controlled barn- Additional housing for 70 horse.

KESMARC’s “Hub” and Kirsten Johnson will act as technical advisers during the design andconstruction phases of the new facility as well as manage and operate the Center upon completion. As a driving force behind hyperbaric veterinary research at the Gluck Equine Research Center, the Johnsons have pioneered the development and application of innovative therapies for equine athletes.

Located just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, the current KESMARC facility includes a swimming pool, aqua treadmill, a eurociser (free-style automatic walker), and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.




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