Equine Center Barn Collapses During Construction at Texas A&M University; Workers Hospitalized

Readers: Please file this under “breaking news”, and understand that breaking news on a Saturday afternoon often means not much news at all. This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

A steel-frame construction project collapsed today on a remote part of the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. According to news reports this afternoon, the steel-frame building that collapsed is set to become a massive horse barn for a new equine center complex.

Architect’s rendering of the Texas A&M Equine Center, which began construction last year.©

According to the university web site, the Texas A&M Equine Complex is located on a new 400-acre site and is likely the building that collapsed.

At this early stage in construction, it is improbably that any horses or students were on the site at the time of the collapse.

Aerial photos taken from news helicopters show the site as being in a remote location, not on the main campus of the university.

An official statement from the university reads, “Four construction workers were injured while working on the new Texas A&M Equine complex project Saturday morning when a steel frame collapsed. The workers were transported to two local hospitals where their condition is unknown. The accident occurred about 10:50am. Our efforts are focused on the injured workers and their families. No further details about the accident are available. An investigation by the contractor is currently underway.”

Construction began in October, 2012 to build the new $80 million Texas A&M Equine Complex on F&B Road in College Station. A university press release states, “The start-of-the-art complex is set to become the most elite facility of its kind in the world for equine science education, research and outreach.” The goal of the new complex is to connect aspects of the veterinary school with the animal science and equestrian sports programs in a single mini-campus.


To learn more:

Local news source and photos of the wreckage:KBTX TV for College Station and Bryan, Texas

Video of the complex launch last year

Gamma Construction site photos and plans for Equine Complex




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