Senior Horse Care

Exercise is vital for older horses in winter.

Why exercise is vital for older horses in winter

At any time of year—but particularly during cold weather—the less an older, arthritic horse stands around, the healthier his joints will be.

The term colic refers to any pain in the gut.

Lipoma: A disease of old age in horses

Strangulating lipoma is of growing importance in the equine population as the number of aging horses increases.


Reassuring findings about PPID drug

Researchers report that a case of pergolide overdose resulted in only minor, temporary effects.

And older chestnut horse with a gray face looking off camera

Good news and bad news about senior horse care

Scientific advances have helped horses live longer healthier lives, but caring for old horses can take a toll.


Tips for preventing winter weight loss

Older horses often drop weight during the winter but they don't have to. Here's how to head off problems.


Tips for keeping your older horse warm and healthy this winter

Older horses don’t necessarily have more trouble keeping warm than do their younger herdmates, but if they do get chilled the consequences can be more significant. Here’s how to fend off the cold..

Horse with Cushing's

Managing Cushing's Disease in Horses

Learn how improved management techniques are making it easier to care for your senior horse with Cushing's Disease, more correctly referred to as pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID).

In strangulating lipoma,  a fatty tumor gets wrapped around a portion of the horse's small intestine or, very rarely, the small colon, causing pain and tissue damage.

3 important facts about strangulating lipoma in horses

Here’s what you need to know about this type of colic most often found in older horses.


Sorting through senior horse feeds

Understanding the difference between complete and concentrated products is important to ensuring you select the correct type for your senior horse's nutritional needs.

And older horse stands in a pasture with the run setting behind him.

Manage your horse to live longer

How you care for your horse today— whether he is 2, 7, 15 or anywhere in between— can have a significant impact on his health when he reaches old age. Here are the five essentials for longevity.


Winter Care for Arthritic Horses

Here are ways to keep an older horse with creaky joints more comfortable in cold weather.

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Spring health check for senior horses

Now that winter is behind us, spring is a great time to do a quick evaluation to ensure your senior horse is healthy and happy.

And older chestnut horse with a gray face looking off camera

Starting the Older Horse

Working with an older but still inexperienced horse poses special challenges but also promises unique rewards.

Even when a horse is no longer being ridden, he requires regular, attentive care.

Easing Your Horse into Retirement

Putting an old horse "out to pasture" is unnecessary and even unwise. Instead, consider his needs as well as your own and craft a customized retirement plan that keeps him active and content.

Protect Your Aging Horse's Respiratory Health promo image

Protect Your Aging Horse's Respiratory Health

If you are as mindful of your aging horse's lungs as you are of his legs, teeth, eyes and other organs, you'll increase the likelihood that he will continue to breathe easily well into old age.

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Winter Care for Older Horses

Frigid winter weather can be particularly hard on older horses. In this article from the January 2010 issue of EQUUS, David Trachtenberg, DVM, owner of Ledgewood Veterinary Equine Clinic in Ontario, New York, recommends focusing on the two areas of winter

And older horse stands in a pasture with the run setting behind him.

Taking a Horse Out of Retirement

An otherwise healthy horse "put out to pasture" for retirement can be called back into duty with just a bit of preparation.

Topical Pain Relief for Equine Joints promo image

Topical Pain Relief for Equine Joints

NSAID cream offers targeted treatment.

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Equine Dementia

In this edition of's Ask the Vet, Dr. Joyce Harman explains how to provide hospice care for senior horses who display signs of dementia or confusion.

Lots of turnout and a healthy diet have kept this senior citizen in good condition. |

5 Ways to Help Your Horse Live Longer

Follow these five simple rules to increase your horse's chance of living to a ripe old age.

Feeding Older and Younger Horses promo image

Feeding Older and Younger Horses

Feeding Older and Younger Horses - differences in their nutritional needs.

Chat Transcript - Dr. Karen Hayes promo image

Chat Transcript - Dr. Karen Hayes

Equisearch chatters gained much new insight about their senior horses in this live chat with Dr. Karen Hayes, co-author of "Hands-On Senior Horse Care."

The Companion Horse promo image

The Companion Horse

Can't keep your senior horse at home, but don't want to give him up? Find him a new home as companion horse.