Winter Essentials: Choosing a blanket with your horse’s comfort in mind

How to narrow down your horse blanket options by function and purpose.

With so many products on the market, it is important to choose a blanket that will help protect your horse against the weather, while also fitting into your lifestyle and budget. It is essential to look for a blanket that is designed with comfort, fit and durability. Whether you are a new horse owner, or shopping for a new blanket, look for a blanket that provides the ultimate in comfort.

Three key questions to ask yourself when narrowing down your blanket options:

1. Are you looking for a blanket that can be used for both turnout as well as in the stable?

Depending on your geographical location and how your horse’s body temperature runs, it is essential to select a blanket in the correct weight. Blankets are offered in a light, medium and heavy weight. They can vary from no fill (0g), Medium/Light 100g, Medium 220g and Heavy weight 360g. A stable blanket is a great layer to have underneath your horse’s turnout or to keep them warm in the barn, but they do not have waterproof properties the way a turnout does. As a result, it is not advisable to turn your horse out solely in a stable blanket. If you are looking for a blanket that offers versatility throughout the season, a trio style blanket would be a good option for your horse. A trio style blanket offers the protection of a turnout for during the day, and a liner that can be added or removed based on the fluctuating weather.

2. Is your horse going to be turned out in inclement weather? 

Turnout blankets that provide more coverage for your horse will conquer the elements, and your worries! A belly wrap is designed with comfort, protection and added assistance to ensure the blanket remains in place when your horse is turned out. Unlike standard surcingles, a belly wrap provides added material that covers more of your horses’ underbelly. If your horse tends to run cold, this type of design will provide their body with more coverage and move freely with them. Detach-A-Necks with a seamless design that leaves minimal gapping will provide more coverage for your horse as they ensure the detach-a-neck covers over the blanket to provide unbeatable chest protection.

3. Is your horse going to grow a full coat or will they be clipped?

Is your horse an easy keeper or hard keeper? During the winter months, it is essential to provide your horse with the warmth and protection they need to beat the weather so they do not risk losing weight. For geriatric horses, blankets designed with technical fabrics can aid in keeping the body warm while also being lightweight and breathable. Technical fabrics can utilize thermal reflection to help maintain warmth and prevent heat loss. 

Still unsure what is best for your horse? It can be beneficial to consult with your veterinarian or trainer as they may be able to further assist you on key features to look for when choosing a blanket for your individual horse’s needs. This winter, investing in a blanket that provides ultimate comfort while also fitting into your lifestyle and budget will allow their blanket to hug them as snugly and lovingly as you do.




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