EQUUS Launches ‘Farm Calls’ Podcast

Learn about 'Hay and Feed Concerns' with equine nutritionist Clair Thunes in Episode 1 of the new EQUUS "Farm Calls" podcast.

Learn about ‘Hay and Feed Concerns’ with equine nutritionist Clair Thunes in Episode 1.

Welcome to EQUUS “Farm Calls,” where we take horse owners along with us to discuss important topics on equine health and care with industry experts. This podcast will provide horse health information from the brand you have trusted for 45 years.

Kim Brown, Group Publisher of the Equine Health Network, hosts the EQUUS Farm Calls podcast, brought to you in 2022 by Farnam—Your Partner in Horse Care.

In Episode 1 of EQUUS “Farm Calls,” we talked to Clair Thunes, PhD, MS, owner of Clarity Equine Nutrition based in Arizona. Dr. Thunes specializes in creating individual feeding programs for a wide range of horses, including high-performance athletes, senior equines and horses afflicted with metabolic or other physiological diseases.

Hay and Feed Concerns

We know that in every equine industry survey where horse owners are asked to list topics on which they want more information, nutrition is always among the top concerns. We also know that when they have to list costs of owning horses, hay and feed prices are always top concerns. And with the past year’s droughts and floods and wildfires, the price of hay and feeds have continued to rise.

According to Hay & Forage Grower in late December 2021, USDA reported premium grass hay ranging from $110/ton in Alabama to $345/ton in Washington. Premium alfalfa ranged from $175/ton in Minnesota to $330/ton in Iowa.

For grains, Hay & Forage Grower reported that corn and soybean prices remained strong, along with other related by-products used in feeds. “This makes both energy and protein a more expensive feed ingredient,” noted Hay & Forage Grower. “Higher grain prices, if they hold, may also drive some existing hay acreage to be converted to other commodity crops.”

None of that bodes well for horse owners needing to buy hay and grain.

Topics covered in this podcast included:

  • Dr. Thunes’ personal experiences with hay and feed shortages and price increases;
  • How to keep from wasting hay;
  • Creative ways of stretching your hay supply;
  • Understanding the quality of hay;
  • What to do if you are short on hay;
  • How long feeds last and how to find the manufacturer date;
  • Proper storage of feeds.

We are excited to launch this podcast for 2022, and we welcome your input. Feel free to contact the host at [email protected] with comments or suggestions.

EQUUS ‘”Farm Calls” is a production of the Equine Network LLC.




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