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Joanne Y. Pierce is a world renowned Fine Artist, Illustrator, Teacher, and Entrepreneur. Since she was a small child, Joanne has ridden, dreamed about, and drawn horses, which has always been her favorite subject. One of the greatest pleasures in Joanne’s life is to donate her time and art for the promotion of Alzheimer's research and care, horsemanship, equine rescue, and therapeutic riding programs.

Joanne kicks off our season of "Makers" on Beyond the Saddle. Tune into to find out how her love for horses helps her to connect with equine and art enthusiasts all over the world. You might just be inspired to pick up a pencil and start sketching some horses yourself!

This season on Beyond the Saddle: January through March 2021 we dive into careers that fall within the theme of "Makers" or creatives in the equine industry such as illustrators, photographers, tack makers, and more!

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