Thoroughbred Racing Challenge 2021 unveiled

Each player of this free online game has the chance to win rare Secretariat "rookie" trading cards.

The Thoroughbred Racing Challenge game is a FREE online horse racing fantasy contest tracking the 3-year-old horses, trainers and jockeys in their journey to the 2021 triple crown through our website at The game is absolutely FREE with some great racing collectibles as prizes—plus all important bragging rights!

Participants in the Thoroughbred Racing Challenge 2021 will have the opportunity to win a rare Secretariat “Rookie” card.

Until launching online in 2020, the Thoroughbred Racing Challenge contest was a private family game conducted for more than twenty years by the Ball family. The game was the brainchild of John W. Ball Sr., creator of the Kentucky Derby, Breeders’ Cup and Jockey Trading Card collections in the 90s. He has generously donated a number of trading card items from his personal collection as prizes. 

“The 2020 Thoroughbred Racing Challenge was a tremendous success,” said TRC commissioner John Ball. “Our players really enjoyed the competition that ended with a nose decision as the top-2 players ended up with a difference of only $1.40 in virtual winnings after 30 races. Even the players finishing off the board enjoyed the contest which provided a fun distraction during a very difficult COVID19 plagued year.”

The Thoroughbred Racing Challenge game puts you in the position of being the best jockey in the nation—you will have your pick of the best horse to “ride” in any of the prep races anywhere in the country. Your choices will be graded with “virtual payoffs” of a “$2Win-Place-Show” mythical wager on your choice in each of the races. Competition will begin in Louisiana at the Fairgrounds with the Lecomte Stakes on January 16th at Fairgrounds and end in New York with the Belmont Stakes on Saturday June 5, 2021. With 30 races in the competition (including races from Europe, the Middle East and Japan) there’s plenty of time to see the contenders for the 2021 Triple Crown in action. Not a racing fan – no worries, Thoroughbred Racing Challenge’s mission is to be easy, fun and educational about all things related to the “Sport of Kings.”

Every player in the 2021 Thoroughbred Racing Challenge will have the opportunity to win two (2) of the first-ever Secretariat “Rookie” trading cards. During the approval process for the printing of the cards in 1989 Churchill Downs would not approve the design that featured the Kentucky Derby Festival logo. Packs of 3 cards (one each from the three series) were already printed and ready for distribution to the media and the retail supply chain as samples. Stop the presses and change the design was the order of the day back in January of 1989. Only recently were these promotional Kentucky Derby Festival cards discovered in storage for more than 30 years! Every player in the Thoroughbred Racing Challenge 2021 will have a chance to win the cards.

To enter the competition simply login at: and signup on the game homepage. Players can also find additional information on the Thoroughbred Racing Challenge Facebook Group page located at and on Twitter @DerbyDuel2000. Join today to enter the Thoroughbred Racing Challenge and enjoy the ride




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