Raub Talks Conformation, Nutrition at Equine Affaire

The director of Research and Nutrition for the Kent Nutrition Group to share insights on two important aspects in horse care and performance.

If you’ve never heard of Randy Raub, PhD, perhaps it’s time you did—especially if you compete with your horses and are worried about their health.

The director of Research and Nutrition for the Kent Nutrition Group and a member of the Sentinel® Nutrition Team, Raub is an expert at devising feeding programs to help horses reach optimal performance. In addition, he has served as an animal science professor at Kansas State University with an equine teaching and research appointment.

Randy Raub, PhD, is director of Research and Nutrition for the Kent Nutrition Group and a member of the Sentinel® Nutrition Team.

And guess what? At the 25th Equine Affaire Nov. 9-12 in West Springfield, Massachusetts, you’ll have two opportunities to hear Raub discuss topics of interest to all horse folk. It’s all part of Equine Affaire’s longtime mission to educate visitors about all things equine.

When conformation counts most

Saturday at 1 p.m. you’ll find Raub in the Demo Ring, Mallory North for a presentation on “Assessing Conformation for Function and Soundness.” 

We all know that “handsome is as handsome does,” especially when it comes to horses. But how is that defined as it relates to a horse’s overall conformation? Here’s your chance to learn as Raub presents basic concepts and techniques for assessing conformation and how it can affect performance and long-term soundness.

Feeding the need

At 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, the Seminar Stage in the Better Living Center is the place to be for Raub’s presentation on “Performance Horse Nutrition and Creating a Competitive Feeding Plan.”

Nutrients and certain ingredients can contribute a great deal to a horse’s athletic performance, and you’ll want to hear the latest thinking on these topics. But that’s not all; Raub will also discuss how the form of the feed and feed management can have an impact, as well. (Are we curious yet?)

Practical advice for all

The bottom line: You don’t have to be a top trainer or competitor to benefit from Raub’s presentations. Any horse owner will be able to use the information, regardless of level or discipline/interest.

And isn’t that what Equine Affaire is all about? “I have presented at Equine Affaire before and think it is well attended and draws a wonderful cross-section of horse ownership,” Raub confirms.

For more useful information from this expert on equine nutrition, check out Raub’s article about Equine Feeding Fundamentals. It offers important takeaways about hay analysis and feed measurement. Then get over to Equine Affaire for more!




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