Two horses believed stolen from Floresville, Texas need help

The pair, a dark brownish-red mare and a black-and-white gelding, were discovered missing in late February.

Yes, horses are stolen in 2021, and often. Horse theft did not go out of fashion with the old west days.

On Sunday, February 21st, two horses were found missing from a Floresville property. Both are believed to have been stolen. They were taken from 10023 FM 1303 Floresville; Texas and a report has been filed with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department.

Donk, a dark brownish-red mare, and Cruiz, a black and white gelding have not been apart for 11 years, until now. Donk is approximately 17 years old and stands 15 hands high. Cruiz is 15 years old and is approximately 15.1 hands high.

The owner, Patty Sepulveda, is worried sick about her horses.

“Just cannot believe that people are out there that do this. I am so worried about my babies. They’ve been with our family a long time. They’ve never been separated from us or them from one another.”

And if having your horses is not bad enough, it gets worse. Sepulveda has been unable to search for her horses as much as one normally would when this happens. She has been without electricity, water, and cell service until just recently.

Sepulveda says, “I’ve been juggling animals here in Harper with no electricity or water and I’m doing it alone. I drive into town where I can sit and hook up to someone’s WiFi.” She continues, “I’m so worn out, exhausted, frustrated, and sad. I never had to go thru anything like this!”

Once Sepulveda discovered that her horses were gone, she started her quest to find them by posting on Facebook. A friend posted for her people on Facebook immediately recommended that she contact NetPosse, also known as Stolen Horse International.

Sepulveda filed a “Stolen Horse” report on Stolen Horse International’s website, After the report was received, the site generated her automatic flyer. Volunteers with Stolen Horse International issued the NetPosse Alert, the horse industry ‘Amber’ alert, to social media platforms, network partners, and in their NetPosse News e-newsletter. One post on their main Facebook page, Stolen Horse has had over 1,000 shares within hours of the posting.

“Cruiz and Donk’s flyer needs to be posted in all public places since it is possible that someone has seen the horses and does not know who to contact. And remember, not everyone is on the internet, especially in rural areas of the country. It is up to those who are on the internet to download and print the flyer. Help make sure these horses are seen in public places,” says Stolen Horse International founder Debi Metcalfe.

Sepulveda adds, “Donk was an All-American show horse that roped and was a lesson horse. Cruiz roped, reins, sorts, pens, jumps, swims and is also a lesson horse. They are great horses. They could be anywhere doing anything by now. Please, help me find them.”

You will find webpages with information and a printable flyer for Cruiz and Donk on their listing, which is where any updates or leads will be posted. People interested in helping can search for NETPOSSE ID #4046 and 4038. You can also use the direct link on the site:



For more information on Stolen Horse International and its programs, visit the website at Stolen Horse International is a Section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to it are tax-deductible as charitable contributions and are greatly appreciated.




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