Barrel Racing Magazine launched by the Equine Network

Barrel Racing Magazine shares transformative barrel racing content from the industry’s leading horsemen and horsewomen to help riders of all skill levels achieve their goals in this explosive sport.

The dedicated team at Equine Network proudly debuts Barrel Racing Magazine ( to join its stable of respected digital brands, including the Breakaway Roping Journal, The Team Roping Journal and Horse&Rider.

Barrel Racing Magazine will offer industry news and expert horsemanship advice.

With curated content available on Oct. 25, 2021, Barrel Racing Magazine offers engaging industry news and views, inspiring human and equine profiles, as well as all the expert horsemanship, barrel racing tips, tack, and horse health topics to keep barrel racers up to speed. Barrel Racing Magazine is the perfect platform for barrel racers who want to stay informed, educated and inspired as the sport continues its exciting trajectory of growth and popularity.

“At Barrel Racing Magazine we know how passionate and dedicated our readers are and we are committed to timely coverage of their wins, as well as engaging horse and rider stories, informative health topics, news and views from across the barrel racing landscape,” said Bonnie Wheatley, content director for Barrel Racing Magazine and “As the perfect pairing of complementary resources, we’ve also been hard at work on, which provides direct access via video instruction to leading trainers, available anytime, anywhere.”

Barrel Racing Magazine tells the stories of elite training and breeding programs from all parts of the industry. Our veteran staff understands the passion and planning that goes into producing and maintaining elite performance horses, and are here to celebrate their achievements as well as share helpful resources enabling barrel racers to grow, learn, and win.

“Launching Barrel Racing Magazine was a natural extension of what we already do, which is serve the Western industry with the best possible journalism to continue to build the communities around these growing sports,” Editorial Director Chelsea Shaffer said. “We believe in providing the best possible education and story-telling to help our audiences better enjoy their valuable time in the arena with their equine partners.”




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