Barn Stories Podcast breaks 18,000 plays

The story-telling podcast, produced and hosted by the editors of EQUUS magazine, underscores and celebrates the way horses enrich our lives.

The Barn Stories podcast, which shines a light on horse-human relationships by retelling reader-favorite stories from EQUUS Magazine, recently surpassed 18,000 lifetime plays across 29 episodes. Listeners have tuned in from across the United States and as far away as Australia.

The Barn Stories podcast features re-tellings of the best-loved reader stories from EQUUS Magazine.

The show is hosted by Laurie Prinz and Christine Barakat, the longtime editor and managing editor of EQUUS magazine, respectively. With decades as stewards of EQUUS, Prinz and Barakat hand-pick the best stories from the magazine’s archives to share with listeners.

“Barn Stories gives us the opportunity to revisit stories that may have been published long ago but still have the power to touch our hearts—or to amuse us,” says Prinz, who adds that most episodes are drawn from EQUUS magazine’s popular True Tales section.

Barn Stories focuses on the softer side of horse ownership, highlighting the fellowship among riders and serving as a reminder of why equestrians love horses. The podcast’s bi-weekly episodes are meant to be listened to on the way to the barn, while cleaning tack or simply relaxing in the quieter moments of the day. Barn Stories are not instructional, but instead seek to underscore and celebrate the way horses enrich lives.

Recent episodes have included stories about rescue transformations (Ep. 28: Saving Nugget), life lessons from the racetrack (Ep. 27: Scenes from the Backstretch), a perilously lost—and miraculously found!—horse (Ep 26: Pure Gold) and more.

Barn Stories is available for listening on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and other favorite podcast platforms.

Interested in sponsoring an episode of Barn Stories? Contact Shelley Partridge at [email protected].

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