Time for pumpkin horse treats!

Your horse will appreciate this seasonal flavor, but feed it carefully.

Whether they’re on a porch or decorating a jump course, pumpkins are a ubiquitous decoration this time of year. They can also serve another purpose—treats for horses.

Pumpkins are about 90 percent water and have a sweet taste that many horses like. Stick with pumpkins sold for carving and pies and don’t branch out into any exotic gourds, which may not be safe for horses. Don’t feed jack-o’-lanterns; they begin to decay as soon as they are carved, making them unsuitable treats

As with any treat, cut pumpkin into small pieces to avoid choke and don’t feed them to horses who may have trouble chewing. Pumpkins aren’t toxic, but it’s still wise to limit your horse to about two cups per day to avoid intestinal upset from the unfamiliar treat. 

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