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Welcome to the Sentinel® Ask a Pro Nutritionist Program! We know the importance of your horse’s health and well-being, and we’re committed to providing the most innovative nutrition is for your horse. Get to know our Pros and the insight they provide.

We know the importance of your horse’s health and well-being, and we’re committed to providing the most innovative nutrition for your horse. We are also aware that every horse and situation is different from the life stage to environment to the type of work the horse is being asked to do. That’s why Sentinel horse feeds use the latest research findings, innovative ingredients and manufacturing processes to create nutritional solutions for your horse to perform. With these specialized formulations, your horse can get the most out of their feeding program and you can have many days of enjoyment with your equine companion.

Get to know our Team

We’d like to introduce you to our key team members. These fine folks are the foundational building blocks to our equine nutrition team and lead our efforts for innovative equine products. We will ask them common nutritional questions along with new product overviews which can provide a potential equine nutrition solution for your situation.

Dr. Randy Raub, PhD, Director, Research and Nutrition

Dr. Randy Raub, PhD, Director of Research and Nutrition

Dr. Randy Raub, PhD, started with Kent Nutrition Group in 2020 as Director, Research and Nutrition and he leads the nutrition team including the Kent Research Farm. Dr. Raub’s career has focused on animal nutrition, equine in particular, and brings extensive knowledge in product development, technical support, and industry relations. Along with his own equine consulting firm, he has worked in leadership roles for both Purina and Hubbard/AllTech. Prior to his industry positions, Dr. Raub also served as an animal science professor at Kansas State University with an equine teaching and research appointment.

Check out Randy’s interview here on the fundamentals on feeding, why you should analyze your hay and how a scoop… is not just a scoop. Get the scoop here

Kristyn Sturken, Equine Product Manager 

Kristyn Sturken, Equine Product Manager

A native of Connecticut, Kristyn received her Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from the University of Connecticut. She joined Kent Nutrition Group in 1995 as a Territory Sales Manager and worked with retail dealers and animal owners in northeast Pennsylvania, New York, and southern New England. She then transitioned to join the marketing and product development department as a Product Manager of various species and product lines with a major focus on equine products, which is her absolute passion.

Kristyn grew up owning and showing Quarter Horses for close to 25 years. She showed nationally in several English and western disciplines competing for numerous all-around titles. Disciplines included showmanship, hunter under saddle, equitation, western horsemanship, trail, jumping, driving, barrel racing and pole bending. She competed at the Quarter Horse Congress and AQHA World show placing in the Top 10 and held several Top 3 in the Nation titles. Kristyn has spent her entire 31-year career in the animal nutrition industry and currently resides in Northeast Pennsylvania and works out of the Muscatine, IA office.

Check out Kristyn’s interview discussing available feed types—extruded vs. textured— and the best option for specific horses. Get the scoop here!

Jeanne van der Veen, Equine and Specialty Nutritionist 

Jeanne van der Veen, Equine and Specialty Nutritionist

A native of Columbia, Maryland, Jeanne van der Veen received her Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from Virginia Tech and her Master of Science degree in animal nutrition from the University of Kentucky. She joined Kent in 1988 as a ruminant, equine, and formulation nutritionist. Over the years, Jeanne has held multiple positions within the nutrition department, spending time in both Muscatine, Iowa and Londonderry, New Hampshire. Jeanne currently serves as the Equine and Specialty Nutritionist for the Kent Nutrition group.

Check back for Jeanne’s interview coming soon! 




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