The Christmas Pony

No package delivers the joy and love of the season better than a fuzzy, four-legged one, rummaging through your pockets for treats.

This was a Christmas message from the EQUUS editors at the end of 2020. Although the challenges of that particular year have faded, the holiday season can still be a tough one. Whether it’s the state of the world or more personal stresses weighing on you right now, this message is a great reminder that joy awaits you at the barn, munching on hay and ready to accept wither scratches.

Maybe it’s just us, but the Christmas spirit can be elusive. In years past, it’s the crush of deadlines and social obligations that makes the season feel more like a gauntlet to run than a holiday to enjoy. This year, emotional fatigue has made Christmas feel like one more mile marker in the longest, most grueling year ever. The EQUUS editors weren’t at a “bah-humbug” level of gloomy, yet Christmasy was not what we were feeling headed into this week.

But then, while browsing videos online, we found the Christmas spirit. There it was in this video of a young girl getting a pony from Santa. The video captures the pure joy of a child who has kept a place in her heart that only a pony of her own could fill. A child who has dreamed and wished, while not daring to hope that something so magical could come true. 

As we watched, we saw that place being filled with a loyal friend who can make the hardest of days, and even the hardest of years, better just by being there and having a neck to hug. The EQUUS editors are adults, for sure, but deep down we are still kids dreaming and wishing for metaphorical Christmas ponies of our own, especially this year. And that’s probably why, in true Grinch fashion, our hearts grew three sizes when we found this video. So consider this our holiday card to you, fellow grown up horse-crazy kids at the end of one of least joyful years most of us have ever known. Here is the Christmas spirit, embodied in a pony named Pepper Snowflake. (If you’re impatient, skip to the 1:50 mark.) 

Merry Christmas from the EQUUS editors.




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