Who Stole My Hoof Pick? Canadian Organization Expert Analyzes Where Those Hoof Picks Go

I have a dryer that eats my socks and, to prove it, a drawer full of odd socks looking for their mates. I optimistically believe that the lost ones will show up again some day but in my heart of hearts, I know that the dryer ate them.

It’s much the same for hoof picks. No matter how brightly colored or how big and visible, hoof picks disappear and you can never find one when you really need it.

(The exception is my PowerPick, designed by farrier Doug Ehrman of The Sound Equine. I keep it in my car to use as a weapon in case I am carjacked or need to break the glass to escape if my car falls off a bridge. I’m sure it is great for cleaning hooves but I love it so much, I can’t bear to bring it near a horse, which would guarantee its disappearance.)

The disappearing hoof pick problem distresses a professional organizer in Montreal who is also an avid rider whose horse lives in a boarding situation. Jacki Hollywood Brown is determined to put her organizing talents to work in the barn and has written a hilarious post on her “Well Organized” blog.

I think I agree with one of her points: Why do we bother to microchip our horses? They are big enough to find and their stalls are labeled. Let’s microchip the hoof picks and track them by satellite: it would fascinating to find out where they go!

I hope you’ll take a minute and read Jacki’s hoof pick theories. I thought it was hilarious…but I think she might be serious!




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