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Max Corcoran is the woman charged with the extraordinary task of managing the horses of the O’Connor Eventing Team. She’s shown here with Karen O’Connor and the late great eventing pony Theodore O’Connor after their gold-medal performance at the 2007 Pan Am Games in Brazil. EquiSearch.com is lucky to have Max blogging her way through the Olympic team trials as Karen competes for a place on the team this weekend in England. (Photo from O’Connor Team web site)

The blog stable here at EquiSearch.com has just added a new wing…and some great opportunities for readers to get the inside story on the top level of eventing in this Olympic summer. Max Corcoran, groom for Karen O’Connor and Team O’Connor Eventing, now has a blog right next to the The Jurga Report on EquiSearch.com!

This week Max is in England at the Barbury*** Horse Trials with Karen O’Connor, Gina Miles, Amy Tryon and Clark Montgomery; Barbury is one of two required outings for the USA short-listed riders for the upcoming Hong Kong equestrian Olympics.

The direct link to Max’s blog ishttp://special.equisearch.com/blog/maxcorcoran/

The Atom feed address for the blog ishttp://special.equisearch.com/blog/maxcorcoran/atom.xmlAs with this blog, you can subscribe to the RSS/Atom feed and read Max’s blog (and mine) on your favorite aggregator or right on your Google home page if you use the Foxfire browser, as I do.

What am I talking about? If you are using Foxfire as your browser, you will see that sometimes an orange icon (or sometimes a little blue RSS icon) appears on the right side of the address window on the browser. If you click on that orange symbol, a window will open, asking you if you would like to subscribe to the feed for that page or blog.

If you click on the affirmative, headlines and the first few paragraphs of posts from that blog will appear on your Google home page or whatever news reader you use

Yahoo.com has a similar function that will work regardless of the browser (I think). You have to opt for a personalized Yahoo.com index page, (http://cm.my.yahoo.com/) and then click on “add content”. Then click on the icon to add rss feeds, and type in the web address of your favorite blog. (It should work.) That’s the last time you will ever have to go to the actual web page.

Newsgator and other pages have similar functions but the Foxfire/Google option is so simple that I have stuck with that. I think the Safari browser has a good system as well, and it’s fast! The advantage of these feeds is that all the blog headlines will be on one page and you can scan them quickly and efficiently. The only thing you can’t see (in my experience) would be videos that are posted on another site, such as YouTube.

The old-fashioned way would be to make Max’s blog (and this one!) a “favorite” or a “bookmark” and check back soon and often!

Enjoy the blogs! EquiSearch.com has an outstanding group of bloggers spread out all over the horse world! Bloggers like Max Corcoran don’t just report the news–they make it!




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