Web Tip: Worth a Read for Barbaro Fans (and Writers)

A quick heads up: here’s a link to an “opinion” piece from The Blood-Horse by Sean Clancy, author of the new book on Barbaro from Eclipse Press. Sean reflects on what it was like to write a book without knowing the ending.

If you are a fan of good writing about horses, remember Sean’s name. And also learn the name of his brother/partner, Joe. Sean’s style is Red-Smith-meets-Jack-Kerouac but this former steeplechase rider knows his way around a racetrack and always manages to punch up the prose until I think, “Why don’t more horse sports journalists (including me) write like that?”

Here’s the link to the Blood-Horse piece:http://opinions.bloodhorse.com/viewstory.asp?id=37454

For more of Sean’s excellent writing (and manic moments) on the racing scene, go to his site and read some of his “Cup of Coffee” editorials in the Saratoga Special back issues, or pick up a copy of the Clancy brothers latest book, Best of the Saratoga Special.

I can’t wait to read his account of Barbaro’s life…and wish I could have been a fly on the wall (or had a seat at the table) when he shared that bottle of wine with Dr. Dean Richardson…




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