Video: The Month of December Can Be Like a Steeplechase…

by Fran Jurga | 2 December 2009 | The Jurga Report at

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in December. You get over one hump–the cards!–only to hit the next–the shopping! followed by the travel, parties, company, baking, and (in most parts of the country), the x factor of bad weather and naughty horses testing new fences or ripping new blankets or needing winter shoes that cost more than Jimmy Choos! Oh, and you need new tires, did you forget?

Weetabix commercials are always humorous and sometimes have horses, and here’s the latest one from Britain. It reminded me of how I feel when I look at December stretching out ahead of me like an obstacle course. The rest of the year is just a warmup for this twelfth month of challenges that are supposed to be fun.

The best way to beat stress is to laugh in its face, so remember to make time for a quick trip to YouTube or Hulu to steal a few minutes of your favorite humor, whether it’s British comedy (my weakness) or old Saturday Night Live skits or the Marx Brothers. The ones that make you laugh every time are the magic ones.

Remember where you find those magic ones and go back when you need a refresher. How about wrapping packages while you watch Young Frankenstein (again)? Why didn’t I think of that years ago!




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