USDA Approves Study on BIVI Vetera® Vaccine Safety for Broodmare Use

Pregnant Mare Data Earns Label Claim Approval

The Jurga Report received an announcement today updating mare owners on the use of vaccines. Information about new and existing vaccines changes periodically. The timing of vaccinations for pregnant mares remains critical, and a schedule should be planned in advance of breeding. However, keep watching for updates about vaccines and about health requirements or safety advice for pregnant mares that may be relevant to your mare and future foal.

Specifically, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) received approval from the United States Department of Agriculture to include “safe for use in pregnant mares” as part of the label claim for the Vetera® vaccine portfolio.

This approval allows BIVI to offer two vaccine portfolios (both Vetera and Calvenza®) that have performed safety studies in pregnant mares.

The USDA approved the additional label claim based on safety studies performed in a total of 446 pregnant mares vaccinated twice during each trimester of pregnancy. 

With the introduction of the VETERA XP line in 2013, BIVI is the only company which currently adheres to the present OIE Expert Surveillance Panel on Equine Influenza recommendations by including vaccine strains which offer direct protection against Florida clade 1 and Florida clade 2 equine influenza. 

For more information on these vaccines, contact Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica at 800-325-9167, or

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