US Dressage Federation Cancels Wellington Seminar with Dr. Hilary Clayton

From web site of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), comes this announcement:

Update on the Succeed FEI Level Trainer’s Conference

“After continuous monitoring of the EHV1 virus outbreak in the Wellington, Florida area, USDF regrets to inform you that the FEI Level Trainers’ Conference scheduled for January 14-15 has been cancelled. Also cancelled is the associated Biomechanics of the Pyramid of Training and Saddle Fitting Seminar. USDF intends to hold an FEI Level Trainers’ Conference in January 2008.

“Although the risk of additional transmission of the disease is low, USDF believes holding the event is not worth compromising the potential welfare of the horses. The 12 known cases seem to be contained within the quarantined facilities. However, not enough time has passed to say that there is no risk of new cases emerging outside of the known facilities. Gathering the hundreds of people and many horses for the FEI Level Trainers’ Conference increases the risk of transference. Shows through January 7th have been postponed and other shows scheduled for the near future are considering postponing or operating on a restricted basis.

“Anyone already registered for this year’s conference will be fully refunded. We are sorry for the inconvenience auditors may incur, but USDF believes we need to cooperate with the horse community and place the welfare of the horses first.

“Questions regarding refunds can be directed to Katherine Robertson:Phone: 859-971-2277 Email: [email protected]

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