Totilas Rules: Moorlands Totilas and Edward Gal, 2010 FEI World Cup Champions

by Fran Jurga | 29 March 2010 | The Jurga Report at

Edward Gal’s favor to the photographers was to ride a winning horse that contrasted so beautifully with the bright red trophy cooler presented by the FEI World Cup and sponsor Ricoh. It was as if someone had ordered it with Totilas in mind. (FEI Photo)

They rode last and kept us in suspense. Would Thursday night’s Grand Prix tension return for Saturday’s Freestyle Final to spoil Moorlands Totilas’s taken-for-granted World Cup for 2010? The crowd was very still in the huge arena in Holland as the dramatic music for his routine began. The black stallion did what he had to do, a bit tensely at first, and then crossed the diagonal of the huge arena with an extended trot that seemed to gobble the distance in less than two complete strides. The ground disappeared beneath him. His canter was uphill in a way that some of the previous horses can only imagine a canter to be. After those extensions, Edward Gal appeared to let out a huge breath and the ride smoothed. Totilas started to breathe, too. They sailed home. The judges swooned, yet again. Totilas rules. On to Kentucky for WEG!

Click here to read about Thursday night’s Grand Prix.

Will Totilas be able to win the World Cup and the World Championship in the same year, on two different continents? A great story is unfolding. This horse’s arrival in America for the World Equestrian Games will be very exciting! Equally exciting will be the first head-to-head competition between Totilas and Ravel, the 2008 World Cup Champion horse ridden by the USA’s Steffen Peters, assuming both horses are healthy and make the trip to Lexington for WEG!

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