The Urban Christmas Horse: Signs in the Cities That Holidays Mean Horses

Wherever you look at Christmastime, you will see horses. And if you’re in the city, they may not always be real horses, but you’ll see them anyway. From rocking horses to the sound of sleighbells and references to horses in carol lyrics, it’s hard to escape horses at this time of year. And who would want to do that? Urban dwellers are especially tuned in to the symbolic, elegant role of horses in the big picture of Christmas. Just check out these examples from cities around the world!

A well-dressed winged horse in the window of Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York City. Photo by Wally Gobetz

A hitching post horse gathers snowflakes in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Photo by Kat Netzler.

An ice sculpture at the Gaylord Texas Resort in Grapevine, Texas. Photo by Brandi Korte.

A very unusual two-tiered carousel at a Christmas Market in Athens, Greece. Photo by Elenapaint.

Pulling Santa’s troika sleigh because the reindeer must be lame on a Soviet-era postage stamp from Russia. Image courtesy of Vintage Printable.

A Christmas tree decorated with origami horses (and a few dinosaurs) at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City last year.

Horses wear wreaths like neck scarves in the Fifth Avenue fountain in Scottsdale, Arizona. Photo courtesy of Experience Scottsdale.

Another Bergdorf Goodman window in New York. Photo by Viridia.

A magnificent patchwork horse in Paris, France. Photo by Nicolas at Clemence Etique.

Welcome home to horses, country-style, by Susie Blackmon.

The universal Christmas, city or country: kids and horses. I love this little girl’s safety consciousness for riding her stick horse! She wants to be just like her heroes–and that would be all of you! Photo by Andy Eick.

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