by Fran Jurga | 26 November 2009 | The Jurga Report at

“Going Home”, originally uploaded by Dan65.

Maybe it sounds trite or you’ve heard it a million times today already, but Thanksgiving Day is about a lot more than turkey and pie and football and getting ready for tomorrow’s sales.

Somewhere between cranberry sauce and the remote control, I hope you will find some time to realize, as I do, how many things we all have in the “thanks” column in our lives.

No matter how bad the economy is or how hard it is to find a new job or that you may not yet be able to afford the horse farm of your dreams, you probably have a horse or two that will walk beside you in the crisp November air.

There are no better companions.

Give thanks today for the horses in your life and the health and home you are able to provide them. Not all horses are so lucky to have someone like you.

As for me, I give thanks that there are people out there who care about their horses and want to read about the information I publish, blog, Tweet, and broadcast for them. You read this blog because you care about horses, and that makes me care about you and want to improve The Jurga Report with every story, every day.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for caring.

The photo is by my talented and generous friend “Dan65”, whose photos often appear in this blog. Dan lives outside Vienna, Austria and is the dedicated owner of an Akhal-Teke named Gazan, who is not just a wonderful horse but is also a superb photographer’s model. I’m very thankful that I know creative people like Dan and that they share my passion for horses and photography.




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