Survey: How is your farm handling biosecurity?


Survey of Current Biosecurity Procedures at Breeding Farms

The Jurga Report is passing along information about a special survey being conducted as a joint project of researchers at three veterinary colleges in the United States and Canada. You can assist an important research project–by being part of it!

Main contact for this study is Professor Scott Weese of the University of Guelph in Canada. He is frequently quoted in The Jurga Report and is an authority on equine infectious diseases and biosecurity.

Biosecurity plays a vital role in both individual horse and herd health. Biosecurity consists of procedures that are designed to reduce the risk of introduction or spread of infectious agents on a farm, thereby reducing the incidence of disease in horses, the likelihood of outbreaks and infections of horse farm personnel.


To help assess current biosecurity practices and training needs, you are invited to participate in a research study being coordinated by Dr. Ulrika Gronlund Andersson and Dr. Scott Weese from the University of Guelph in Canada in collaboration with Dr Dickson Varner from Texas A&M University, ?Dr Paul Morley and Dr Josie Traub-Dragatz from ?Colorado State University in the USA.

The survey is not intended to critique techniques or knowledge, and is completely voluntary. Every effort will be made to ensure confidentiality of any identifying information that is obtained in connection with this study. Your individual results will not be made available to anyone. You can choose to stop participating in this survey at any point. You may choose to skip any questions that you do not want to answer. If you stop the survey and decide that you do not want your answers recorded, you can state that in the comment box at the end of the survey.

Note: The survey will take 45-60 minutes to complete.

As thanks for your effort completing the survey you are welcome to join a drawing for one of two registrations for Equine Guelph’s Equine Biosecurity eWorkshop (2 week online course) ( just by adding your email address at the end of the survey. Complete the survey early! The course begins October 22 and the draw will be held October 17.

If you have any questions about this study, please contact Dr. Scott Weese of the Department of Pathobiology, University of Guelph at 519-824-4120 ext 54064 or?[email protected].

Thanks very much ?for contributing to a body of data about this important area of horsecare and horse health.

Click this link to take this survey online:




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