“Summer in February” Trailer: Horse Art, Romance and the Star of Downton Abbey

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Today we share the launch of the official trailer of the film we think you’ll love. “Summer in February” has its premiere later this month in a special charity night at the National Sporting Library in Middleburg, Virginia.

The film dwells on this Munnings painting “Morning Ride”, of art student Florence riding his horse.

The premiere coincides with a new exhibit of paintings by British horse painter Alfred Munnings, who is one of the film’s main characters. He stars opposite Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens, who plays another starstruck and slightly confused gentleman who looks great on horseback.

If you think you might like this film, you should know that you’ll love reading the book of the same name, on which it is based.

And yes, it’s a true story. It really did happen.

The film promises romance, sidesaddles, country horse races, romance, gallops on the beach, beautiful scenery, and romance. It tells the story of a seaside colony of bohemian plein air painters who party long into the night and paint all day, during the summer before the start of World War I, and the end of the world as they knew it.




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