Someone in Louisville Loves This Blog…and Told the World!

by Fran Jurga | 16 March 2009 | The Jurga ReportWriting this blog reminds me of being on stage in a play. The lights are so bright, you can’t see beyond the stage apron. Is there a full house…or will your words just echo around an empty hall? When I hit the “Publish” button for today’s post, will there be the hoped-for wave of laughter, maybe a smattering of polite applause…or an uncomfortable silence, with a cough or two?

Blogging has taught me to take a lot of risks. I have to open my email account to anyone who posts a comment. I have to read and then delete the obscene, abusive or overtly commercial messages left by drive-by comment thugs. I scrutinize statistics of unique visits, page views, referring sites and landing pages.

But I don’t have a clue who you. the readers, are or, some days, if you are.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that The Jurga Report was recently the subject of a very favorable and flattering article in one of my favorite daily newspapers, The Louisville Courier-Journal. Reporter Diane Heilenman, it turns out, is a regular reader of this blog and she wasn’t afraid to tell the world. Then Google News picked up the story…and for a few days, the blog picked up steam and a few rows of new readers from the Louisville area.

Thank you, Diane, for tuning in to this blog and for sharing your enthusiasm with the world. I am still shocked at your kind words and the paper’s nice graphic presentation of the article about the blog.

The newspapers lately are filled with stories about web predators, identity thieves, viruses, and rip-off schemes. Every time you download a file, do you wonder who–or what–might be hitchhiking a ride into your hard drive? Do you screen your email through filters and guard your “white list” like its a key to your inner sanctum? It just might be, if you believe what you read in the newspaper.

I’d like to encourage everyone who reads this blog to stay safe on the web, but also to take some chances. Find new web sites and blogs and forums that are out there waiting for you, beyond the Yahoos and the Googles and breed/sport horse sites of this world. Explore the world, not just the USA, and re-discover how much fun the web used to be, before we all became paranoid and security-crazed.

You can be safe and surf at the same time, so head out there today and have a good time. Just don’t lose the bookmark or RSS feed of The Jurga Report. I’ll still be here when you get back, with some interesting news. You can count on that.

Thanks for reading The Jurga Report, whoever you all are!




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