Six Horses Burn to Death in Trailer Fire Sparked by Tire Blowout


There’s a lot to be said for those truck cab video monitors.

Someone just sent me a very disturbing news story from California. It seems a truck was hauling a trailer with six horses in it, heading north from a horse show toward home in Oregon. The trailer blew a tire, but the driver didn’t realize it. He drove for several miles before other motorists convinced him to stop because his tire was smoking…and the trailer was on fire. He finally pulled into a gas station, and the fire trucks came. All six horses died. Amazingly, the truck was not damaged.

The burning trailer also sparked several grass fires along the Interstate.

Click here to read the complete story from the Modesto Bee newspaper.

And please, check your tires every time you use your trailer. And look in the rear view mirror once in a while.

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