Second Horse Destroyed After Rolex Cross-Country: The Quiet Man Shattered Shoulder

A horse with local connections has been euthanized after a mishap on the cross-country course at the Rolex (Kentucky) Three-Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park. Sarah Hansel’s The Quiet Man was reported yesterday as undergoing treatment for a shoulder injury but this morning is reported as euthanized.

From the US Eventing Association’s official statement:?

“Dr. Catherine W. Kohn, V.M.D, Veterinary Delegate, explained that due to the extent of injuries incurred in his fall yesterday on cross country, The Quiet Man was sadly humanely euthanized this morning. The Quiet Man’s loss will be felt by all.

“After re-examining the horse’s injuries, the damage to the gelding’s shoulder proved to be more serious than originally thought. ‘There were several pieces of the fracture and it was determined that the prognosis was poor for athletic performance or comfort and they made the decision for humane euthanasia, which was performed this morning,’ Kohn said.”

The Quiet Man was a 12-year-old Holsteiner-Irish Sport Horse cross owned by Sarah and Parker Hansel. Sarah calls Keene, New Hampshire her home.




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