Rolex Relay: Amy Tryon’s Le Samurai Injured at Last Obstacle on Cross-Country Course

Breaking news from the media tent at the Rolex (Kentucky) Three-Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park:

Yesterday’s first place rider after dressage has withdrawn from the competition and a top US horse is now hospitalized. Amy Tyron of Washington State, riding Le Samurai (a.k.a. “Sparky”), had a foot-perfect round until the last fence, the Rolex Arch. While technically in second place, the pair will not continue.

According to reports, the horse seemed to stumble before the fence, but gamely jumped it.

Amy pulled up after crossing the finish line, and Sparky was assisted immediately by the Rolex veterinary staff. It was announced later this afternoon that Amy had withdrawn from the competition.

A statement given by Rolex veterinarian Catherine W. Kohn VMD informed the media: “Le Samurai had experienced an injury, and it appears that he lost the supporting ligaments in his left front leg. He was given a mild sedative to keep him comfortable, and he’s being treated at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute.

“He has lost the ligamental support to the fetlock of the left front leg,” she continued. “He is resting comfortably this evening.”

I will try to keep blog readers informed of Sparky’s condition and treatment. Condolences to Amy. Hagyard’s is the vet clinic located on the other side of Iron Works Pike from the Horse Park, so he did not have far to go to receive treatment.

For much, much more coverage of the Rolex extravaganza, visit and read Nancy Jaffers’ expert coverage.




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