Laminitis/AgSci Researcher Raymond Geor to New Post in New Zealand

Michigan State Professor will head Massey University's College of Sciences

Edited from a press release

In 2015, Massey University’s College of Sciences in New Zealand will be headed by internationally-recognized veterinary and agricultural science specialist Professor Raymond Geor, BVSc, MVSc, PhD, DACVIM.

Professor Geor is currently Professor and Chairperson of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in the United States. In recent years, his research and publications have been invaluable to the understanding of obesity and Equine Metabolic Syndrome in horses, and how it may relate to laminitis, as well as other research in equine physiology.

The university Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey announced today that Professor Geor will replace the current Pro Vice-Chancellor of the college, Professor Robert Anderson, who is retiring later this year.

Mr Maharey said he is delighted with the appointment for what is a vital role in the university’s mission of defining New Zealand’s future: “Massey University leads New Zealand – and is known internationally – for its expertise in agrifood, animal and land-based sciences and biosecurity, which are key to New Zealand’s success globally.”

The College of Sciences employs more than 670 full-time equivalent staff across two of the three Massey University campuses – Albany in Auckland and Manawatu in Palmerston North – and educates just over 6000 of the university’s 32,500 students, including more than 1000 international students.

The College undertakes teaching, research, consultancy and commercial activities across disciplines ranging from fundamental, applied, veterinary, natural and land-based sciences to engineering and advanced technology.

Professor Geor is a Massey Bachelor of Veterinary Science graduate (1983) who has worked in tertiary education in the United States and Canada for most of the past 30 years. He was raised in Havelock North and attended St John’s College in Hastings, both in New Zealand.

He has a Master of Veterinary Science from the University of Saskatchewan, a PhD in Physiology from The Ohio State University and breadth of institutional experience in veterinary medicine and agriculture as a leader/administrator, professor, clinical veterinarian, teacher and researcher.

That experience includes his current role at Michigan State, as well as posts at Virginia Tech University, Kentucky Equine Research Incorporated, University of Minnesota, the University of Guelph and the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, as well as a practicing veterinarian in New Zealand.

“Professor Geor brings (his) extensive research pedigree, together with proven and diverse experience as an academic and managerial leader, to the benefit of the college and the university,” Maharey said.

He will join the university in March next year.




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