Radio Zenyatta: Laura Hillenbrand Salutes the Champ on NPR

Zenyatta is now a Dodgers Fan, originally uploaded by Thanks to for posting this billboard with a bloggable link.

Chamption Thoroughbred race mare Zenyatta is the queen of good news. The stories about her personality and her antics make even the most hardened racetrackers chuckle.

Zenyatta is the best thing to happen to racing since..well, for a long time. But how does racing take advantage of this great horse so that some of the affection for her might possibly benefit the rest of the sport? Can Zenyatta bring people back to the track, can some of those warm and fuzzy feelings for Zenyatta transfer to horses running in this year’s Travers or the Haskell? Couldn’t Quality Road or Rail Trip be portrayed as likable as Zenyatta?

That warm and fuzzy Zenyatta feeling took hold this weekend when National Public Radio aired a special interview about the supermare. And whom did they choose to interview? None other than Equus Magazine contributing editor Laura Hillenbrand, the author of the bestselling book Seabiscuitanother champion racehorse who captured imaginations and won hearts.

Take a few minutes to listen to Laura’s interview and then post a link to this blog story on your Facebook page and forward this to your friends, especially if they aren’t already racing fans. I bet Zenyatta will convert them.

Learn lots more about Zenyatta via this Zimbio archive. (Zenyatta and Zimbio just sort of go together.)

Zenyatta is not the first horse to promote the Dodgers. Back in the 1960s, Mr Ed showed Leo Duroucher, Sandy Koufax, Moose Skowron, Willie Davis and Johnny Roseboro how it’s done. Imagine how Zenyatta could round those bases! But knowing her running style, she’d definitely win it for the team on the last out of the ninth inning…by hitting a home run!

Thanks to Dorothy Ours, author of Man O War: A Legend Like Lightningfor alerting me to the NPR story.




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