Is This the Best PR Photo for Any Horse Show in the World?

Windsor Great Park, with Windsor Castle peeking out behind the treetops, is the setting this week for the Royal Windsor Horse Show in England. The Queen invites a few thousand of the best riding and driving horses in the land into her backyard, along with the public, for the largest horse show in her kingdom. Now, that’s hospitality! image by Waldopepper. (Thanks!)

When I first saw this photo, I thought it must have been taken 20 or 30 years ago, but it was actually taken just two weeks ago.

The lady in the center is Queen Elizabeth, herself. At 85, she apparently saw no reason not be photographed in the saddle. Good for her!

According to the official caption, this is the Queen riding in Windsor Great Park with her two youngest grandchildren, James, Viscount Severn (left – three) and Lady Louise Windsor (seven). This picture, taken on Easter Monday, was released by Her Majesty to mark the start of the 2011 Royal Windsor Horse Show, which begins today.

Royal Windsor Horse Show is the largest outdoor equestrian show in the UK, with over 3000 horses and ponies taking part in more than 250 jumping, showing, and carriage driving classes. The event takes place in the private grounds of one of the Queen’s residences, Windsor Castle, outside London.

Photo ? Royal Collection / PA Wire

No helmet for the Queen, I notice!




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