Olympic Equestrian Events Will Be Televised on NBC’s Oxygen Network

A statement from NBC Sports today boasted that the network plans to broadcast an unprecedented 3,600 hours of Beijing Olympic Games coverage, making the August broadcasting marathon the most ambitious single media project in history.

Now, if you are like me, you noticed that those numbers just don’t work, considering the entire month of August only has 728 hours in it.

How’s NBC going to do it?

Well, NBC is a network of networks. There’s NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, etc. And apparently they are all planning to air Olympic coverage.

News about equestrian coverage has been sparse. After all, the events are in Hong Kong, hundreds of miles from Beijing.

But today’s news report assures us that equestrian events will be covered, but on the network’s cable outlet called Oxygen. No word yet how many hours NBC plans to air.

To read the complete announcement (and perhaps you can paraphrase it for me if you speak broadcasting), click here.

NBC has a spiffy homepage for their Olympic Equestrian coverage, but I was disappointed to find out that their multimedia and features will only work with Intel-based Macintosh computers, and that the Windows requirements mean some significant upgrading for many people too. So their news from the Olympics will only be readable by those with state-of-the-art browsers and operating systems.

It just doesn’t seem fair. There are so many people who don’t have cable and who don’t have the Vista OS or Intel-based Macs. Perhaps you also need to buy a high-definition television, since these are the “HD” Olympics.

Fear not! You can bet that this blog and all of equisearch.com will be lit up with Olympic news…and we don’t care how old your computer is!




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