Nature vs Nature: Documentary Revisits May 2013 Tornadoes’ Effects on Oklahoma Horses, Pets

No one wants to relive a nightmare, but that is what the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Foundation is asking people to do. On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, veterinarians and animal lovers in the state will come together in Oklahoma City for the premiere of a documentary film about what was, for many of them, the worst day of their lives. 

“Nature vs Nature: The Animal Victims of the May 2013 Tornadoes” won’t be easy to watch.

When Oklahoma was ravaged by tornadoes in the spring of 2013, the aftermath revealed not only that a landscape had been destroyed, but that many horses, livestock and pets had been lost or killed.

Some people dealt with the death of family members and friends. Others dealt with the loss of their pets or commercial livestock investments.

Veterinarians in Oklahoma went right to work, and this film tells the story of what they found in the wreckage, and what they and so many others did to assist in notifying owners, reuniting pets and people, and tending to the injuries of the survivors.

The premiere will be held at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The evening begins with a light reception followed by the first public screening of Nature vs Nature. 

The film also covers the effects of the tornadoes on wildlife as well as domestic animals.

The documentary received sponsorship from Wilson and Susan Lyle and features the legendary Oklahoma meteorologist Gary England. It was produced by Jenifer Reynolds and Chris Cook; executive producer is Joe Carter, DVM, of Oklahoma Equine Hospital.

Ticket prices for the event have been lowered to $35 to assist people who might still be recovering from the natural disaster.

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This news clip film (below) from The Oklahoman newspaper overlaps in places with the film’s trailer but also includes interviews and background on the film. Producer Jenifer Reynolds wrote an article in the paper about the film




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