Meet Madeleine: Equine Rescue on the Grandest Scale Makes Her ABC’s Person of the Week

I wanted to turn the television off this week. Enough, enough with the bad news about the economy. But one story kept me hanging in there, through the disgust over Detroit CEOs in their private jets, through the forgiveness shown to Joe Lieberman, through the news (you call this news?) of Madonna’s divorce and another Rosie spat.

Madeleine Pickens wanted to save all the wild horses in the BLM’s holding pens, I reported earlier this week.

In just a few days, that headline morphed into a real possibility. The BLM is now seeking funds from Congress to cancel the mass execution of the unwanted mustangs and instead keep them housed until Madeleine’s million-acre sanctuary can be ready.

The New York Times congratulated Madeleine this week in a rare editorial. Today, ABC News made her “person of the week”. I suggest the media drops her sub-title (“wife of….”) and show this long-time Thoroughbred breeder and animal advocate the respect she deserves.

Thank you, Madeleine!




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