Making a Big Comeback: Trailer Wreck Belgians Move On to New Lives

It’s a new day for the 40-or-so draft horses rescued from an overturned double-decker tractor-trailer in Wadsworth, Illinois; the blog reported on the horrific wreck that occured two Saturdays ago. The horses have been recuperating at a local farm; their latest challenge has been a mild form of strangles that has gone through the herd.

Donna Ewing of the Hooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society (HARPS) has taken over responsibility for the herd. She told me on Friday that all the horses have been placed in homes. Among her criteria was the ability of a new owner to isolate the adoptee horse. Twelve horses have already gone to new homes. Some will require ongoing vet care. Ewing said she received inquiries from as far away as Sweden and Australia.

The horses will leave with official Coggins tests, too, which they did not have when they were being trucked.

Linda Gordon, HARPS photographer, has created a lovely slide show of images of the horses in their recovery state (lovely except for the strangles abscesses you’ll see under some of the jaws).

According to Donna Ewing, the horses were all in good flesh and had been muzzle-clipped for the auction. She said all were halter broke and seemed accustomed to being handled.




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